About Us

Mission and Purpose

We, the graduates and former students of Savannah State University, do hereby declare ourselves an association promoting the progress and development of those principles, ideals, knowledge and skills, which we have acquired as students of Savannah State University, and which will continually serve as a beacon of light to guide us in our chosen professions.

The purpose of the Savannah State University National Alumni Association is to promote the progress and the development of Savannah State University.

Charter Members

  • Korey Gibson
  • Alina Holmes
  • Christopher Holmes
  • Jaunita Lee
  • Joseph Lee
  • Barbara J. Mobley
  • Corris Neal
  • Jerome Neal
  • Thelma Reeves
  • Bridget Simmons
  • William Simmons

Chapter Officers

Kelli Sibert


Jerome Neal

Vice President

Hubert Bailey

Recording Secretary (interim)

Christopher Holmes

Financial Secretary

Alysha Harvey


Jamel Harvey


William Simmons

Immediate Past President

Governing Documents

SSUNAA Constitution & Bylaws

The Savannah State University National Alumni Association Constitution & Bylaws establishes the guiding principles and precedents by which the national organization shall be governed and provides the basis for local chapter organization and governance.

Chapter Bylaws

The East Atlanta Suburban Chapter maintains chapter bylaws which serve as the procedural guide for implementing all tasks and functions of the chapter. They define roles and duties of officers and committee chairs, as well as rules and procedures for holding meetings, collecting and distributing chapter funds, electing officers, and other chapter operations.

Meeting Minutes

Minutes are the written record of a meeting. Their purpose is to record issues raised, actions taken, what actions have been assigned to whom, along with the achievements and the deadlines. Monthly chapter meetings are recorded, transcribed and entered into the permanent chapter archive. Financial members of EASC receive a copy of the previous meeting's minutes prior to the next meeting.

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